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Bonjour/Zeroconf support for Asterisk

Astmasters - the Macintosh Asterisk community responsible for porting the popular open source PBX Asterisk to the Apple platform - has just added Bonjour/Zeroconf support to Asterisk. If you (like me) have no idea what they're talking about, here's what Apple has to say about Bonjour:

Bonjour lets you create an instant network of computers and smart devices just by getting them connected to each other. The computers and devices take over from there, automatically broadcasting and discovering what services each is offering for the use of others.

I bet the French have a slightly different interpretation.
The two main features are link local addressing and service discovery.

Link local addressing is the ability for a device to safely self-assign an IP address in the absence of any other method of address assignment. Service discovery is the ability for a device offering a service to advertise that service along with any required service parameters ...

Although today the service is mostly used for printers (in an AppleTalk environment I assume) it should prove interesting to be able to walk into a wifi hotspot location and have your phone automatically browse advertised voip services. It could significantly increase the ease of use (or lack thereof) of current voip services. Apparently Skype is based on the same system, which may partially explain its success.

This hasn't been getting the attention is deserves, so go and have a look, it definitely has some serious potential.


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