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microsoft acquires teleo

what happens when you're the worlds largest software company and everybody starts doing voip? it should come as no surprise that microsoft has launched their own voip initiative, after google talk's introduction a few days ago.

of course, as we've come to expect, microsoft's approach is a little different. instead of building a solution that's compatible with their existing products, they acquired a solution that's compatible with their existing products. and just as fast, they replaced the original website (cached), with a new one. so, what was teleo all about before microsoft finished their swift embrace and extend operation?

Our products feature our patent-pending NAT/firewall traversal solution that allows plug-and-play installation while maintaining compatibility with SIP, allowing interoperability with other service providers. We also feature VoiceEngine codecs provided by Global IP Sound.

it remains to be seen if microsoft will continue that credo, and allow for interoperability with other service providers. i'm betting they're more interested in teleo's other strong feature: its tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer. But one never knows.


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