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20% of UK business have adopted VoIP

According to telecommunications and software consulting company Ovum, about 20% of British businesses have already adopted VoIP technology, about the same percentage as in the USA. Number two in Europe, is Italy, just short of 20%. What's interesting to see is that more companies are citing other benefits than telecommunication costs as reasons for them to switch to Voice over IP technology. Most notably strategic investments - integration with existing IP VPN's, employee mobility and increased productivity. It's good to see that companies are increasingly becoming aware of other benefits VoIP has to offer, except lower call charges. The entire article is available here.


  • At 5:51 PM, Blogger Nomado said…

    Indeed, because people are now saving money for their other important expenses, that is why some businesses improve their strategies that they must adopt some other options like voip for them to help also to people communicating to their loved ones in a cheapest way.


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