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VoIP features expected in Apple's Leopard

Software engineers at Apple Computer have been toiling away on a new set of features that will allow users of its next-generation Mac OS X operating system to place phone calls over their Internet connection, AppleInsider has learned.

People familiar with recent builds of the software say voice over IP (VoIP) Internet dialing is just one of several new features in iChat 4.0, which Apple is expected to bundle with the operating system overhaul, code-named Leopard.
I'll be looking forward to find out what Apple actually has in mind for this. Apple will only be able to get this thing to mass market if they provide support for Windows users. That, and they need to get the quirks with iChat worked out. As opposed to Jobs' iChat claim ("It just works") my experience with iChat (especially video) hasn't been very fruitful up until now.


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