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UK 'lagging on VoIP usage'

The poor rate of broadband adoption in Britain at the start of the decade has been blamed for slow adoption of Internet telephony today. The UK is lagging behind Europe on the take-up of VoIP, according to a report published on Tuesday, and its failure to adopt broadband as early as other countries is taking the blame. The EIAA claimed on Tuesday that 10 percent of Europeans had made telephone calls over the Web but only 5 percent had done so in the UK.


VoIP Picking up in Central and Eastern Europe

The era of VoIP telephony is beginning in Central and Eastern Europe. According to a new IDC study of 11 CEE country markets (not including Russia), compared to 2004, the number of VoIP minutes will more than quintuple this year and more than triple in 2006. Meanwhile spending will more than double this year and grow by 80% in 2006. Still a relatively small part of the overall telephony market, VoIP will eventually become the technology of choice for businesses and consumers looking to cut their monthly phone bills. Nevertheless, total spending will slow after a couple boom years, as VoIP will be increasingly bundled with broadband-based service packages.

new blog

the new blog hasn't been taking off as fast as I'd expected. so in the mean time I've decided to continue post here and update the site a bit. after all, the previous post was the 100th post on this blog, and it would be a shame to let it all fade away.



it's been quite some time since i put a fresh post on this blog. the main reason for this is that after a year of posting, i've realized that the topic is a bit too narrow for me to cover. there are a lot of interesting things i would like to blog about, that just don't fit on a voip related blog.

that's why i deciced, over a month ago, to start a new blog covering a broader range of topics. it's been running for some time now and has a couple of fresh posts on it. i haven't advertised it as of yet, so take a look and let me know what you think.

it's unlikely i'll update this blog any longer, but it hasn't really been decided yet. i recommend you update your bookmarks to the new blog if you'd like to stay up to date.